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6 things to STOP doing

Stop-ButtonWant to know what you should  STOP doing if you want awesome health and vitality? These tips  are simple, logical and with the right attitude exceptionally easy to follow.

This is not a complete list but these are the ones I feel will have the most significant and positive impact for you.  I have also provided links to other blog articles I have written should you want more info on a particular topic. Read the rest of this entry

What about beans, lentils and soya?

If I had to run a poll asking people whether they thought beans and lentils were good for your health, I believe most people would respond, “Yes, they are”. I used to think so too, but after delving into the science and literature I have changed my opinion. I am going to try to explain it to you as simply as I can without losing too much of the convincing scientific evidence (which can get a tad complex at times).

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Bulletproof coffee – you gotta try it

For months now I have kept coming across “bulletproof coffee” in many of the blogs and websites that I follow. So always willing to try something at least once ,  I thought I would give this a go. Now I know that the moment I give you the ingredients list, you are going to pull your nose up and say, “Oh gross!” I did the first time I came across the recipe. But so many people would comment about how delicious it was that I had to just try it for myself. Read the rest of this entry

Breakfast cereal banished for good

Even though hubby and I have been very committed to eliminating grains from our diet for a while now, I have been less strict with my kids, especially when it came to breakfast. In hindsight, I believe I was making excuses  for a number of reasons. Not being the best morning person, I opted for convenience  …. and to be honest I just didn’t want to deal with the nuclear fallout that I assumed would happen if I told them they could no longer have cereal for breakfast. Read the rest of this entry