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Carbohydrates: How much is too much?

Would you like to lose weight? Do you know how many carbohydrates you should be eating in a day to achieve your goal?   In this post I aim to provide some answers.

Why do I keep  focusing on carbs? Well, we know that carbs in our diet, which include bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, cereals, yoghurt and veggies turn to sugar in our bodies. Our bodies deal with the excess sugar by releasing the hormone insulin.  Insulin shuttles fat into your cells for storage. So, if you want to lose weight, the key is to keep the amount of insulin in your body as low as possible. The only way to do that is to be careful with carbs. But what does “be careful” with carbs really mean for YOU on a practical level? Read the rest of this entry

Desertification and climate change: A radical solution

I have just finished watching a really fascinating TED talk by Allan Savory. He starts his talk by stating that the grim reality is that a massive tsunami, the perfect storm, is bearing down on us. This is the result of rising population growth, land turning to desert and climate change. His talk offers a “simple message, a message which offers more hope than you could imagine”, he says. Read the rest of this entry

The High Fat/Low Carb basic food list

If you have missed some of my previous posts about what to eat and what to avoid on the high fat/low carbohydrate approach – don’t fear. In this post I have summarised it all for you in a printer friendly document The HFLC Food List which you can put up on your fridge or pop into your hand bag for quick reference. I have tried to keep it simple, so it is therefore not a ‘complete’ list but it is definitely enough to get you started on the right track. Read the rest of this entry

6 things to START doing

start-buttonA few years ago I would never have thought it was possible to feel as awesome as I do now. Yes, I still have some weight to lose but this way of eating has given me so much already in terms of  even moods, great skin, stable blood sugar, high energy levels, control over my eating and an almost invincible immune system. That is why I so passionately share what I have learned  – I want you to feel awesome too! In this post I list what you can START doing to help you on your way. Read the rest of this entry