My personal journey: An update

Last week I celebrated my birthday –  the big 40.  Although I am totally chilled about having reached this milestone, it definitely has been a time of reflection for me. I can look back over the last few decades, knowing that my life has been abundantly blessed.

I have a wonderful family, amazing friends and a lovely home.  I feel proud to have achieved so many of my goals –  this blog being one of them.

What still eludes me however, is ridding my body once and for all of the excess weight. It has been my life-long struggle and it’s getting old. NickyYes, I have managed to lose 10 kilograms, but there is more to go and this weight-loss plateau has just gone on too long. Despite eating a low-carb primal diet – the flab just ain’t budging! It is hanging onto my frame like a pitbull.  Anyone else eating my diet would have Jessica Alba’s body by now. I would give myself an “A +” for Effort and a “C – ” for Achievement.

However, one thing I don’t do is give up easily.  Determined to get to the bottom of it,  I sought the advice of Clinical  Nutritionist, Sally-Ann Creed. I knew she believed in the primal/paleo, high fat/low carb life-style, so she was a really good choice for me.

My appointment with her last week was incredibly enlightening. She gave me hope that with a few tweaks to my already good diet, I can get the weight loss going again. Let me share with you what she told me.

Please bear in mind that the recommendations below are based on a review of a 2-week food diary that I kept for Sally-Ann as well as a lengthy questionnaire that I had to complete prior to my appointment. This was her advice for me. Advice that will help me to drop my carbs even lower.

Things to cut out:

  • no-chocolateDairy such as milk, cream, yoghurt, soft cheeses (a little hard cheese is fine)
  • Nuts, nut butter and nut flours
  • All fruit (except for a few berries occasionally)
  • All alcohol
  • Whey protein powder
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Dark chocolate (ouch!)
  • Processed meat  such as ham and salami

Yes, I know, the “tweaks” seem extreme. But hopefully these exclusions won’t have to be forever. I don’t think I could live very happily without dark chocolate and red wine! For now though it is going to be meat, fish, eggs and poultry. Some leafy green and low carb vegetables and salad.  With some healthy fats thrown in too.

Blood  analysis

I had blood tests done last week and Sally-Ann analysed the results for me. The good news is that my triglycerides are excellent. A vast improvement to 2 years ago. But the bad news is that  I am still struggling with insulin and glucose levels that are too high (even though they are in the “normal” range).  She explained that this is why I have struggled to continue losing weight.  If you have also been losing the battle of the bulge, then I encourage you to know your numbers and get them analysed by a well-trained nutritionist. Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result – that is just insantiy. Try something new. You just might find the answers you have been looking for. I am hoping I have.

Fats, snacks and carb grams

Sally-Ann also said that I shouldn’t go out of my way to eat too much fat. She is definitely NOT advocating a low-fat diet, but did caution against a complete “Fat Fest” if you are battling to lose weight. Some avo, a little butter and coconut oil to cook with and olive oil to dress salads is fine. I also need to start taking Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 supplements.

Another recommendation is try to eat 3 meals a day and to not snack in-between meals. I still need to follow-up with her as to the reason for this.

So basically, my new goal is to eat under 25 grams of carbs per day. I am hoping that this will be low enough to kick me into ketosis so that my body can start burning stored fat.  More on ketosis in a future blog post though. If you can’t wait then read this as a start.

Managing without a gall bladder

Apparently not having this organ anymore puts me at a higher risk for colon cancer. I need to start taking a high quality probiotic everyday, as well as digestive enzymes containing lipase with each meal. I kinda wish my surgeon had told me this 5 years ago after he whipped my gall bladder out of my body. Anyhow, moving on …….

So there it is. My plan of action to fix this metabolically broken body of mine. There might be other things I need to add to the plan such as intermittent fasting and more interval and strength training. But let’s see how it goes.

I am hoping that in a few months time I can blog about my incredible weight-loss achievement.  Instead of being motivated by the success stories of others, I want to BE the success story. My dream is to one day post a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo that will inspire others to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”

Philippians 4:13

About Nicky Perks

Passionately sharing information about the paleo/primal, high fat/low carb lifestyle that will rock your world! I am on my own journey to good health and a slim body. My goal? To enjoy the ride as life on this beautiful planet is just too short to do it any other way.

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  1. Just as long as you remember that you are gorgeous what ever the numbers may be….

  2. Man that sounds a harsh diet, lets hope it is not for a long period. I really really hope your wish comes true.

  3. Wonderful Nix! Very encouraging! I read Sally’s – ‘Let food be your medicine’ many years back. It did give me the energy I needed then and got me over a slumpy period. Note to self: read again 🙂 xx

  4. Thank you for this – I have been struggling for the past couple months with frustration over eliminating grains/sugar/low carb intake and losing next to nothing. My blood work mimics yours very closely and so, I’m thinking this route needs to be mine also. Very hard, indeed, but hopefully not forever, as you said! I so appreciate your blog and your honesty. Hopefully we all can benefit from this info!

  5. I swear you and I must have the same body issues …..Whenever I read your posts it feels like my story also.
    I have done so much and still dont seem to get rid of the excess I carry. I have even done genetic testing to see what my genes are doing to help me shed weight.
    I also lost my gall bladder a few years ago, I wonder always what effect that has on my body.
    I have done a pretty radical diet before which was basically primal and within a few weeks I was a complete nutjob from the lack of carbs so I am very reluctant to go all the way again.

    Good luck you can do it xxxxx

  6. Hi Cara, it is comforting to know I don’t struggle alone. When you went low carb and felt terrible you were probably experiencing the low carb flu. It is important to eat enough fat and things like bone broth to help with this. Have you tested your insulin and glucose? Maybe you are also struggling with insulin resistance? Think about going to see a nutritionist maybe. I can highly recommend Sally-Ann Creed.

  7. Hi , nope it wasnt low carb flu , I ended up at a psychiatrist who told me that when you go on a radical diet and cut out carbs it can lead to depression and anxiety increase. Which happened with me. There is lots of research in this.
    Have tested basically everything , have been to a nutritionist and physician to try and figure it all out but end up with the same answer …. I am already doing the right thing and I must continue. Just get despondent because in theory I should be super skinny now but I am not.
    I read about a diet last night by Dr Mike Moreno , its quite interesting. If you have not seen it before have a look
    Keep up the good work

  8. You are just so committed and I know you will rid the excess weight.

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