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Why wheat is not good for any of us

The reasons for avoiding wheat go way beyond an allergy or a gluten intolerance. The plot of this wheat story is far more complex. Dr William Davis, in his excellent book “Wheat Belly” provides some very convincing reasons why no-one should be consuming wheat. In this post, I summarise some of his main points.

So why should we say bye-bye to breakfast cereals, muffins, pasta, bread and biscuits?

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Cholesterol does not cause heart disease

For decades we have been told that high cholesterol is dangerous for our health and that it causes heart disease?” We have been brainwashed into believing that a heart-healthy diet is one low in fat and high in whole grains.  Our doctors advise us to reduce consumption of red meat and eggs because saturated fat is bad for us. Perhaps you have already been prescribed a statin (cholesterol lowering) drug. So where has the last 30 years of demonising cholesterol and “artery clogging” saturated fat got us?  Read the rest of this entry

Fat bombs and how to make them

Fat bombs are delicious little morsels which are fabulous for those of you following a very low carb diet. If you have been trying to follow a fat-burning ketogenic diet and have been struggling with getting enough healthy fat in each day, then these little bombs will do the trick. Read the rest of this entry

How to make paleo/primal crumbed chicken

Crumbed chicken or pork schnitzel is a top favourite in our family. When we decided to cut out wheat and other grains from our diet, I was determined to find a good substitute for this delicious food. So how does one make a crumbed meat dish without using bread crumbs? The good news is that it is possible and the result is absolutely scrumptious! Here is the recipe. Read the rest of this entry