Monthly Archives: January 2014

Make your own Paleo muesli

Do you still hold on to the belief that whole-grain breakfast cereals , granola and muesli are a good choice for breakfast? Most people cannot imagine giving up their morning bowl of store-bought cereal. Here are some of the excuses I’ve heard; “But it is just so quick and easy” or “It helps my stomach stay regular ” and “I just love the taste and the crunch“. Read the rest of this entry

Chocolate Almond Balls (LCHF)

I did a little experiment last night. I fiddled with a recipe that my aunt sent me for ‘no bake’ chocolate protein balls.  Being the ardent LCHF disciple that I am,  I needed to up the fat content of these absolutely awesome treats.  I can tell you with confidence,  that my experiment worked out VERY well! See below for a printer- friendly version of my recipe. Read the rest of this entry

Things to look forward to when I’m thin

About 4 years ago I journalled about how I was feeling about being over-weight.  I was at my all time heaviest and was not feeling good about myself at all.  My blood work results didn’t look good and I was suffering from aches and pains.  I was 36 years old and I felt 80. This was the start of my journey to better health. Check out the photo below. That’s me in 2010. Read the rest of this entry

Make 2014 the year it happens

Every year for as long as I can remember I vowed that this would be the year I would get slim and lose the weight for good. January is when the nerd in me comes out. I get busy with weight loss plans laid out in Excel with target weights, timeframes, measurements, goals, graphs, ……. you get the picture. Planning is what I am good at. Unfortunately the actual implementation and results always fell dramatically short of my goals.  By March I was frustrated and hungry and if I was lucky only 1 kilo lighter. Read the rest of this entry