Monthly Archives: April 2014

Warm winter LCHF porridge

Breakfast is the one meal of the day that people changing over to a low-carb, grain-free lifestyle struggle with the most. The good news is that there are many breakfast options that you can “primalise”. Breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs – although eggs are your BEST choice and CAN be eaten every day. You can still enjoy muffins, toast and muesli in moderation. You don’t have to give them up.  You just need to make the low-carb, grain-free versions yourself. So I encourage you to put that apron on and get into the kitchen and have some fun. Keep reading for the recipe for the winter porridge. Read the rest of this entry

Did the Easter Bunny visit?

Easter is such a special and sacred time for Christians all around the world. It is a time when we reflect on what Jesus did for us on the cross and the power of the resurrection.  It is a time for great rejoicing and celebration. It can also be a time for scoffing down large amounts of chocolate. Was I going to allow my kids to be indulged this year with lots of sugar? I thought about it long and hard. I even debated telling them that the Easter bunny has gone Paleo and since he was feeling so amazing, he has taken himself off for a holiday this year and wouldn’t be visiting. Read the rest of this entry

Be sugar smart

This week I had the fantastic opportunity to talk to my daughter’s 9 year old classmates, about how they can be “sugar smart”.  Her class had been learning about nutrition and how the choices they make impact their health. The teacher left it totally up to me to decide what to talk to them about.  I literally jumped at the chance to inform them how to be “sugar smart”. This post will teach you that important life skill too. Read the rest of this entry

I just love my blender

My blender is definitely one of the most used kitchen appliances that I own. I use it everyday, sometimes more than once. It has been a fabulous tool in helping my family transition to a grain-free, sugar-free, low-carb lifestyle. This post details all the wonderful things I do with my blender. I hope it gives you some new ideas. Most of all I hope that it inspires you to give this “grain-free” approach to eating a go. Of all the things my family has changed about the way we eat, I would have to say that avoiding grains and gluten has been the best thing we have ever done for our health. Read the rest of this entry