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Recipe: Cranberry Almond Cookies

Here is  a recipe for a delicious biscuit that is free from grains, sugar and toxic vegetable oils. Remember, if your goal is to lose weight, then these sorts of treats need to be consumed OCCASIONALLY and NOT every day.  Pop them into your children’s lunch boxes for a special snack. Been invited for tea over the weekend? Offer to bake a batch of these biscuits that you can also enjoy without any guilt.

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Excuses will only hold you back

The Banting way of eating has resulted in a massive amount of controversial debate in South Africa. There are three camps: Those that love it, those that hate it, and then those that don’t know what you are talking about because they have been living under a rock for the past year. There are a few reasons (excuses) why people resist adopting this liberating way of eating and I will explore them in this post.  I believe that making excuses holds you back. When you are making excuses, you are closed to opportunity. My goal is to act as a mirror to hopefully help you to see whether you are letting this happen to you.

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How to raise healthy “cave kids”

I am often asked, “But do your kids eat the way you do?” My answer is, “Yes, 80% of the time they do“. I can control what they eat at home. The other 20% is when I have to just let go because they are in the care of others, or at a birthday party. I would prefer for them to avoid sugar, processed food, toxic seed oils and grains 100% of the time, but that is not realistic. What I can do though is educate them about food and what is healthy for them and hope that with time they will make good choices themselves. I want them to gain an appreciation for how food is our fuel and our medicine. We teach our children about stranger danger and road safety but do we teach them enough about what we put into our mouths?  Shouldn’t they also learn which foods will help them grow strong and healthy and which foods will rot their teeth and cause inflammation and disease.  I refer to my kids as “cave kids” because in our cave we eat as primally as possible.  We honour REAL food  – just as nature intended us to eat. Read the rest of this entry