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Answers to some Banting questions

I love it when people ask questions and engage in dialogue to find out more about the Banting lifestyle. It means they have open minds. Minds willing to learn.  This is the mark of an intelligent person. Science is not static but is constantly evolving.  If the Food Pyramid guidelines (emphasising grains and carbs) actually worked, wouldn’t we all be thinner and healthier than we are today?  Instead we are fatter – much fatter, and suffering from serious diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. So this post if for those intelligent people willing to explore new paradigms.

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Summer is just around the corner….

September is usually the time of year when I start my “diet” in earnest. Each year it is the same thing. Spreadsheets get put together with the number of weeks remaining till December and calculations of how much weight I could realistically lose before then.  I am not joking , I have these spreadsheets still saved on my computer and the only thing different is the year. The one thing they all have in common though, is that entries usually fizzle out a few weeks after the said spreadsheet has been compiled. It is pretty hard to stay motivated when you don’t see any results week after week.  Each December holiday season I would get so unhappy that my goals had not been achieved – yet AGAIN!

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Could ketosis be the answer?

Nutritional ketosis has fascinated me for a while now, for many reasons actually. The first one being the role ketosis plays in weight loss, secondly its advantage when it comes to endurance sports and thirdly due to the amazing discoveries scientist are making when it comes to the role a ketogenic diet plays in fighting back against  cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, PCOS, depression, diabetes, psoriasis, Crohn’s and heart disease, to name just a few. In this post, I will use content from Jimmy Moore’s and Dr. Eric Westman’s new book, Keto Clarity (which I can highly recommend) to explain a bit more about this little known gem of nutrition science. Read the rest of this entry