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How to look and feel younger

When one thinks of fighting back against the aging process it is usually Botox or facelifts that come to mind. These might offer a degree of improvement, but aging well is about more than just outward appearance. It is about being healthy and strong well into one’s later years. What is the point of looking 60 when you are 80 if you are too frail to walk unassisted or are suffering from a disease like cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s?  Dr Sara Gottfried in her new book, Younger, details factors in our diet, lifestyle and environment that accelerate the aging process and offers practical ways to combat them. She explains that the goal is to extend ‘healthspan’ as opposed to lifespan.  Healthspan is time spent living disease-free and healthy, so that you can fully enjoy life no matter what your age. Read the rest of this entry