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Nuggets from the LCHF 2015 conference – Part 4

Have you ever wondered what actually happens to your body when you “hit the wall” during a long sporting event? Have you just started eating low carb, and cannot figure out why you feel so tired, headachy and irritable? Trying to lose weight but nothing is happening? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

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Nuggets from the LCHF 2015 conference – Part 3

Reviewing my conference notes to write this post, I am once again amazed at the valuable information that the speakers shared with us. I was honestly so privileged to have attended. In this post I will share some more of the key points made. My hope is that you will find it as helpful as I did.  Let the seeds be sowed, and when you are ready, give them water so they can flourish into something amazing that can change your life, your relationship with food and your health.

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Nuggets from the LCHF 2015 conference – Part 2

What I enjoyed immensely about the conference was that each speaker approached the LCHF topic from a different perspective. We heard talks about obesity, diabetes, mental health, cancer as well as sports performance. The exciting thing for me was to see the positive role a low carb, high fat diet can play in all of them. It left me very hopeful about the future. We CAN turn this ship of ill-health around. But as a number of the speakers emphasised – it will take a “bottom-up” swell. Everyone needs to educate themselves, find their voices and start questioning conventional wisdom.  What we are currently doing is not working. It is time for change.  In this post I share some more “nuggets” from the LCHF 2015 conference from various speakers. Read the rest of this entry

Nuggets from the LCHF 2015 conference – Part 1

The first ever international LCHF conference was held at the Cape Town Convention Centre last weekend. The line-up of speakers was seriously impressive and the organisation of the event was brilliant (thank you Karen Thompson and Prof. Tim Noakes). It was a privilege to attend the 4 days, and absorb all the knowledge these thought-leaders had to share with us. Each lecture approached the topic from a different angle, which made it all the more interesting to see how our diets affect so many different aspects of our life and health. Thanks must also go to Old Mutual for their support in providing the platform for information sharing and learning. Read the rest of this entry