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Warm winter LCHF porridge

Breakfast is the one meal of the day that people changing over to a low-carb, grain-free lifestyle struggle with the most. The good news is that there are many breakfast options that you can “primalise”. Breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs – although eggs are your BEST choice and CAN be eaten every day. You can still enjoy muffins, toast and muesli in moderation. You don’t have to give them up.  You just need to make the low-carb, grain-free versions yourself. So I encourage you to put that apron on and get into the kitchen and have some fun. Keep reading for the recipe for the winter porridge. Read the rest of this entry

I just love my blender

My blender is definitely one of the most used kitchen appliances that I own. I use it everyday, sometimes more than once. It has been a fabulous tool in helping my family transition to a grain-free, sugar-free, low-carb lifestyle. This post details all the wonderful things I do with my blender. I hope it gives you some new ideas. Most of all I hope that it inspires you to give this “grain-free” approach to eating a go. Of all the things my family has changed about the way we eat, I would have to say that avoiding grains and gluten has been the best thing we have ever done for our health. Read the rest of this entry

Grain-free Choc-Cranberry ‘cereal bars’

This is a new recipe that I am super-excited about for a number of reasons:

  • It’s easy
  • It’s absolutely delicious
  • No baking is required
  • It’s makes a wonderful afternoon snack with a cup of tea
  • Great treat for the kids’ lunch-boxes
  • And it’s a good “running out the door, don’t have time for breakfast” snack

I love re-working recipes to make them my own, with the flavours I enjoy.  I reckon this one has now become my top favourite. I hope you are going to love it too. Read the rest of this entry

Make your own Paleo muesli

Do you still hold on to the belief that whole-grain breakfast cereals , granola and muesli are a good choice for breakfast? Most people cannot imagine giving up their morning bowl of store-bought cereal. Here are some of the excuses I’ve heard; “But it is just so quick and easy” or “It helps my stomach stay regular ” and “I just love the taste and the crunch“. Read the rest of this entry

Chocolate Almond Balls (LCHF)

I did a little experiment last night. I fiddled with a recipe that my aunt sent me for ‘no bake’ chocolate protein balls.  Being the ardent LCHF disciple that I am,  I needed to up the fat content of these absolutely awesome treats.  I can tell you with confidence,  that my experiment worked out VERY well! See below for a printer- friendly version of my recipe. Read the rest of this entry

How to make paleo/primal crumbed chicken

Crumbed chicken or pork schnitzel is a top favourite in our family. When we decided to cut out wheat and other grains from our diet, I was determined to find a good substitute for this delicious food. So how does one make a crumbed meat dish without using bread crumbs? The good news is that it is possible and the result is absolutely scrumptious! Here is the recipe. Read the rest of this entry

My 5 favourite starch substitutes

When I tell people that I don’t eat pasta, rice or potatoes, the look of horror on their face is often quite priceless.  It’s like I have just told them that I eat snake eyes, squirrel hearts and worm pooh.  I find it interesting that people are SO attached to these bland beige foods that contain very little nutritional value. Read the rest of this entry

Pork chops and colourful veg

Hout Bay-20130212-00224This was a yummy, colourful meal that the whole family enjoyed this week.

I pan-fried the pork chops in a little bit of olive oil and seasoned well with herbs and spices, salt and pepper.

I stir-fried the red cabbage in a wok with knob of coconut oil (it gives food such a lovely and different flavour).

I boiled the green beans in some salted water and then added them to a pan where I had pre-cooked some chopped onion and garlic with a little butter.

I steamed the pumpkin and just seasoned with some salt and pepper. So all in all it was a very easy and colourful plate of food to prepare.

Grass-fed beef fillet with a mixed salad

Hout Bay-20130209-00217Saturday night’s supper consisted of grass-fed, free-range fillet steak we bought at the Earth Fair market (Tokai, Cape Town) on Saturday morning.

Surprisingly, it was less expensive than fillet bought from your regular large supermarket retailer.

I served it with a mixed salad and finished off the meat with a sauce concoction of garlic, whole-grain mustard,  butter and fresh herbs. Click here to read more about grass-fed beef

Delicious primal banana bread

This recipe is super easy to prepare and is seriously yummy and guilt-free. You don’t find those three adjectives together in the same sentence very often.  I baked these little tea time goodies for the first time today and they went down a treat with the family. I would think that they would work pretty well in the kiddie’s lunch boxes too from the way my two girls devoured them.

They took only 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake. So it was only 30 minutes from start to finish. You can find the non-standard ingredients at your local health store, Dischem or Wellness Warehouse. Continue reading to get this recipe