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Breakfast cereal banished for good

Even though hubby and I have been very committed to eliminating grains from our diet for a while now, I have been less strict with my kids, especially when it came to breakfast. In hindsight, I believe I was making excuses  for a number of reasons. Not being the best morning person, I opted for convenience  …. and to be honest I just didn’t want to deal with the nuclear fallout that I assumed would happen if I told them they could no longer have cereal for breakfast. Read the rest of this entry

How often should kids get treats?

We all spoil our kids.  We love seeing their little faces light up when presented with a special treat. We are happy that they are happy – so everyone is happy. I am not averse to the occasional treat for my kids but I do struggle with defining “occasional”.  It just seems like the opportunities for my kids to receive sugary snacks are at an all time high.  Here is my list : Read the rest of this entry

We need to get back into the kitchen

Time is a very valuable commodity which none of us ever seem to have enough of.  Thank goodness for all our modern conveniences and time-saving devices. They enable us  (especially us busy moms and some dads) to run around all day like maniacs being the driver, grocery shopper, homework facilitator, negotiator, counsellor, mediator, snack offerer, dinner maker, cleaner, income earner and I am sure you could come up with a few more .

The reality is that because of the busy-ness of our lives there is always the temptation to opt for food items that are quick and easy to prepare and serve. What a bonus – I don’t have to actually make the meat balls myself, I just have to buy them cooked and ready-made (even though they are probably full of all sorts of nasties and then fried in trans fats). Read the rest of this entry

Santa’s gone primal

santa-claus-stuck-in-chimneyIt was the night before Christmas  …………  both my kids were so excited that Santa was coming that night to deliver their presents.  Yes, my kids still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Mouse.  Quite special really.

Leaving a snack out for Santa and his reindeer is something that they love to do before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.    So picture this……true story. Read the rest of this entry

Lunch box ideas for the kids

Want to know what I put into my kid’s lunch box?  Here are some ideas to help your kid’s make the transition to a grain free diet. Avoiding grains during the school day will help keep their blood sugar levels stable.  Be sure to include a healthy protein to fill them up and keep their energy levels high.

I don’t get it right every day, but I strive for a few primal lunch boxes a week. One has to be a  little more prepared and organised and it does take slightly longer to put together than squirting some honey onto two slices of bread. But I believe the effort is worth it. Continue reading