I thought that it might be useful to take photos of the meals I prepare for my family so that you guys can get some inspiration and ideas of how to cook dinners that don’t include high carb foods and grains. I am a busy mom, who also works part-time, so meal preparation needs to be fairly simple and quick. I will keep adding to this photo album as I go.

See the various galleries below for ideas for breakfast, lunch, kids lunch boxes, supper and treats.

Please note that all dishes and treats are grain-free (I use almond and coconut flour) and sugar-free (I use xylitol).

I have uploaded some of these recipes to my blog, so be sure to check out the Recipes page .



Lunch-boxes for kids



  1. Loving your recipes, thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  2. Hi nicks, very inspired my your site, recipies and info. I’m trying to get to the bottom of my daughters chronic runny tummy. From researching I think she may have a glucose/carbohydrate intolerance. Do you know of any alternate therapist that can help diagnose?

    Well done again. I think this site is gonna help so many people.
    ( typing with one hand, expressing with the other so excuse typos)

    • Hi Dee, thanks for such positive feedback. I don’t know of anyone in Cape Town to recommend but keep asking and Googling and I am sure someone will come up that you can try.

  3. Hi Nicky, Just wanted to say THANKS A MILLION!!! for your EASY recipies and information. We have been banting for a week now and your recipies have been a lifesaver :). Your post this morning came at just the right time. I was getting a bit overwhelmed during the weekend with thoughts of “how are we going to do this?” and “this is much to costly a way of life” but as you said “small steps” focus on the “can do”!! and I really needed to hear that. The most fabulous thing about this week of banting is that my sugar levels have gone down from the 18-23 range to 12 and under for this entire week!!!! which is crazy for me as I have not had those readings in the last 5years and I’m not even on diabetic medication this week!

    I also have a problem with my weight and even though I have not started losing weight (my husband has lost 2,5kg- totally unfair :() the fact that I am not feeling hungry all the time and the biggest evidence that my body is starting to heal itself is what is keeping me going.

    Thanks and Keep well

    Regards Jacqui

    • Hi Jacqui, that is wonderful news that you are already experiencing health benefits after only 1 week. Yes, us women do lose much slower than men. Keep it up and it will get easier. When I was starting off I found it helped to keep things simple with regards to meals. A nice mixed green salad with olive oil and a piece of steak with melted butter on top is delicious without getting fancy.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this page with all the very helpful photos and the ones for the kids. Sometimes “seeing” something instead of reading what it is just makes the light bulb go off in your head and “whola” … it all seems much easier to do:)

  5. Ronel Robbertse

    I want to start Banting but don’t know where to begin!! Will you please be so kind to help me, and send me some recipes and tell me what to do. I appreciate it. Thanx xxxx

    • Hi Ronel, I suggest that you check out “The Basics” section of my blog and start reading the posts as there is a lot of info there that will help you. I will also soon be launching my online coaching and support programme, so please subscribe to my blog to be kept in the loop about that.

  6. Totally confused … I just sent a reply on what to eat because it said no dairy, nuts etc, then I see eggs and cheese in your meal preps (which delights me), but I’m left confused.
    Can we eat eggs and cheese?

    • Hi Vivian, you will need to experiment with how strict you need to be to get the results you want. Eggs should be absolutely fine, but dairy often prohibits weight loss. It has taken me a long time to figure this out for myself but I do much better when I exclude dairy. This seems to be the case for many women. Men seem to fair much better with dairy.

  7. Hi. I saw this great porridge idea if you wanted to give it a try?

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