Almost everyone has taken a financial knock with Covid and the strict lockdowns. If you are a mom, wife and business owner like me, then I am sure you were run off your feet “doing it all” being everything to everyone in your family. During these trying times many people started looking for alternative sources of income. One of those people close to me was my CrossFit coach and box owner Tanja Kruger.

With gyms needing to be closed during Covid lockdown, membership was at an all time low and needless to say it was a very stressful time for her. Fortunately, she connected with a fellow CrossFit box owner going through exactly the same thing (about to lose everything they worked so hard to build). What he shared with her was an investment opportunity in Bitcoin that was starting to change his life.  I have seen how in a very short space of time it has started impacting Tanja’s life in a real and positive way. Tanja chatted to me about it more in-depth one day after class, answered some of my questions and in essence piqued my interest enough to warrant me going and checking it out further for myself.

Please note (Disclaimer):

I am not giving financial advice here. I am not a financial advisor at all. I am merely passing on the info in case you want to explore this opportunity like I did. There is no guarantee that you will experience any or the same results. And of course, you should never invest irresponsibly or put all your eggs into one basket.

I spent hours and hours finding out as much as I could about this company, shared what I knew with my hubby because he knows much more about Crypto trading and Bitcoin than I do. After lengthy discussion we decided to go for it and we both opened accounts with the investment company. We even opened accounts for our two girls to help give them a head-start financially by growing a Bitcoin investment portfolio for them. We will manage their accounts until they are old enough to do it for themselves.

They are a South African registered company whose main goal is to grow your Bitcoin. The company uses advanced digital software and artificial intelligence (AI) to trade on the international Crypto markets on the behalf of its members. Daily profits generated from the trading are divided in a sustainable manner and are added to member accounts according to their share in the total trading pool. This allows your Bitcoin to grow daily, quietly accumulating in your account. No trading experience is required as the system is automated and does everything for you. They have grown to 190 000 members (as at October 2020) all around the world since they started in April 2019. Their trading pool has now reached a staggering R 3.8 billion (in Bitcoin) and continues to grow daily. Their growth and performance has been phenomenal.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin is often called digital gold.

So what’s the goal?

I actually had two goals when I decided to sign up as a member. Firstly, I wanted to own some Bitcoin as a way to diversify my investment portfolio and secondly, I liked the idea of being able to earn a passive income from the trading profits. I am not a trader myself and like I mentioned previously am quite a novice in this area. I love the fact that the traders and AI trading bot do all the heavy lifting for me. This makes it very accessible to the man or woman in the street.

Why invest?

I want a portion of my money to work a little harder for me. It doesn’t grow by very much sitting in a regular bank account, while this investment platform has a track record of around 8  % growth per month. While future profits cannot be guaranteed, their track record is very reassuring.

They also offer other opportunities to earn additional income through their completely optional referral system and compensation plan. Some people work this like a business and have done exceptionally well building teams and working together for everyone’s benefit. This aspect of the business may not be for you. It doesn’t really matter, as you can still profit merely by being a member and funding your account with Bitcoin and letting it grow through the trading they do on your behalf and the compounding effect. Another great aspect of the business is that there is no minimum investment required. If you only have $100 worth of Bitcoin to invest, nothing stops you from being a part of this opportunity. In actual fact, I think you can even start off your investment with less.

There are no joining fees, no admin fees, no monthly subscriptions, and no withdrawal or deposit fees. Basically, its absolutely free to become a member and have them trade on your behalf to grow your Bitcoin. They also have a very comprehensive list of resources and short training videos to help you manage your back office, add funds to your account as well as make withdrawals (which can be done whenever you want when you need the money).

Have a question?

If you are keen to find out more,  please make contact with me using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.  I am very happy to answer your questions and provide more information about the company and this investment opportunity. What I have realised is that Bitcoin and Crypto is not just a man’s world.

Keen to check it out right away?

Should you wish to register an account (with no obligation and absolutely for free), you will immediately gain access to the Back Office platform and additional information and resources. You will then have 7 days to decide whether you would like to fund your account with Bitcoin. If no funds are added to the account within 7 days the account will merely become inactive.

Here is the registration link to open an account (for free) and gain access to the Back Office platform and resources. Why not take a test drive and check them out:


Want to know a little more ?

You can either contact me using the contact form below or go and check out our Facebook page. Our goal is to share information on how you can go about earning a passive income for yourself.

We also have a website where you can download our free e-book which explains this opportunity in more detail. Go to www.teambitcoin.co.za


You can use this Contact Form to get in touch with me. 

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