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  1. Well Done Nicky! I follow your prior blogs and now this one which I am really enjoying and very very thankful for the recipe ideas! I hate thinking about what to cook for dinner!!! Whohoo well done and keep up the motivation and enthusiasm! 🙂

  2. Hi Nicky, so glad I’ve found your site (via Facebook)! We are just embarking on this journey after being inspired by Tim Noakes talking about The Real Meal Revolution last week. What I’d love is your thoughts on school lunchboxes. My girls are now 10 and 8 and some days don’t get home til after 5 p.m. Suggestions? Tash

    • Hi Tash, welcome to my blog. I have found I have had to get creative with options to fill up my kids that doesn’t involve bread. I bake grain-free muffins and that works well in the lunch box with a good slathering of butter in between. I do sometimes resort to rice crackers (at least they are wheat and gluten free). Protein is a must in the lunch box as it keep them full for longer. So things like left overs, sausage, chicken, ham, egg, cheese, nuts. Make your own fruit yoghurt with Greek Yoghurt and fresh berries and sweeten with some xylitol if necessary. Put in lots of crunchy salad stuff like cucumber, red pepper, carrots, sugar snap peas. Keeping their school lunch cool in a little cooler bag with an ice brick is a must. There is nothing worse than slimy, sweaty cheese. I make the lunch boxes in the evening, just after supper as it does take a little more effort and time. But worth it. Make sure they start the day with a good, solid breakfast too which includes protein and healthy fat. If they are hungry after school and can’t wait until supper then smoothies work well as a snack.

  3. I’m on a baking roll today:) First the bread, now the muesli! Lovely recipes, thanks!! Oh, and great advice in comments about lunch boxes. Since we’ve started this way of eating, my daughter (12) says all her friends love her lunch boxes 🙂 I pretty much give them a fruit (small apple/banana, naartjie or berries) a salad (baby tomatoes/cucumber&carrot sticks, snaps) and 2 proteins( smoked chicken slices/leftover braai meat/boiled eggs/cheese,etc) occasionally biltong and nuts. My little one(5) loves pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes, so she gets that too. Plus I’ve also made them an omelet for their boxes with cheese/bacon/mushroom which they like cold anyway:) so far so good!

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