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Banting Basics: The what and why

I thought a good way to kick off the year was to review the basic principles of Banting and give a short explanation as to why they are important. Here are the ‘rules of the game’.  Play by them and you will taste victory. Let these 10 principles guide you towards control over your cravings, improved general health, more energy and effective fat loss.

Weight loss and optimal health takes consistent effort and most importantly it requires us to take responsibility over our food choices – and yes we also need to exercise a degree of willpower and restraint. Taking responsibility is often the biggest hurdle one needs to conquer before progress can be made. Excuses just lead us further away from our goals and the truth is, no-one can do it for you. These principles should help you to get things on track.

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Banting Basics to get you started

The volume of nutrition information on the internet can become very overwhelming. Therefore I am a big proponent of keeping things simple for people. My goal has always been to help people understand which foods will give them health and vitality, and which foods do the opposite. At the end of the day, health should be the most important reason for adopting a nutritious diet. Weight loss is an added BONUS.  Are you tired of getting sick, feeling bloated, suffering from allergies and being tired a lot of the time? Fed up with the muffin top that results when you squeeze that spare tyre into your skinny jeans? This post will give you very important information to help you change your situation for the better. I promise you, I have kept it super simple. No nutrition experience required….

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Baby steps to better health

I often get the impression that some people get very overwhelmed when faced with the idea of changing their eating habits. They are keen to try something new (because what they are currently doing is not working for them), but they just never actually get started. Besides, which diet does one follow ….. and what are the rules of each game? The thing is,  you won’t know what is going to work best for you in terms of health and weight loss until you get going and try. So I want to give some idea of the baby steps you can take to move you closer towards better health, and a flatter tummy. Once you have the basics established, it will be much easier to take further steps as your knowledge grows, and you come to a better understanding about your own body and what food it needs to thrive.

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