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Did the Easter Bunny visit?

Easter is such a special and sacred time for Christians all around the world. It is a time when we reflect on what Jesus did for us on the cross and the power of the resurrection.  It is a time for great rejoicing and celebration. It can also be a time for scoffing down large amounts of chocolate. Was I going to allow my kids to be indulged this year with lots of sugar? I thought about it long and hard. I even debated telling them that the Easter bunny has gone Paleo and since he was feeling so amazing, he has taken himself off for a holiday this year and wouldn’t be visiting. Read the rest of this entry

How often should kids get treats?

We all spoil our kids.  We love seeing their little faces light up when presented with a special treat. We are happy that they are happy – so everyone is happy. I am not averse to the occasional treat for my kids but I do struggle with defining “occasional”.  It just seems like the opportunities for my kids to receive sugary snacks are at an all time high.  Here is my list : Read the rest of this entry