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Insulin resistance and what to do about it

Do you often feel tired?

How about hungry all the time?

Cravings a little out of control?

Brain fog becoming an issue at work?

Read on to find out why you might be experiencing these symptoms and what to do about it.

Insulin resistance is a condition that, over time, has the potential of becoming a very serious health issue. It is the pre-cursor to type 2 diabetes ,which is a chronic condition that necessitates ongoing medication to control blood sugar levels and in many cases the regular injection of insulin to substitute for a pancreas that no longer functions correctly.  It is also not uncommon for type 2 diabetics to have to undergo limb amputations. Despite the long term consequences of untreated insulin resistance, it often goes undiagnosed due to the “stealth mode” under which it operates.

In other words, you could be insulin resistant and just not know it.

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Struggling to lose that stubborn belly fat?

You have done sit ups till your abs feel like they have been run over by a bus. You have sweated yourself silly on the treadmill.  You have diligently cut down on calories. And where has that left you? Let me guess – probably sore, exhausted and hungry. Yet for all your concerted efforts you are still sporting a flabby “moon-bag” pouch of fat on your tummy area and those muffin tops have gained a life all of their own. Don’t you want to just scream with frustration?  An article that I read this week, written by Dr. Mercola, shed some light on this problem that many people experience and get frustrated by. This post looks at some of the things you might be doing wrong and what you could try to alleviate yourself of the burden of belly fat. Read the rest of this entry

Exercise like a caveman – Part 1

Ok everyone, it is time to deviate away from the food side of primal living and start looking at the primal exercise laws that Mark Sisson’s lays out in his fabulous book, The Primal Blueprint. I will attempt to summarise his most salient points in a few short posts.

exerciseThese primal exercise laws will get you fit, healthy and will delay the aging process. Yes all you yummy mummies – did that get your attention? Who wouldn’t want to look younger ? Sign me up please.

The good news is that it only requires two hours a week of walking around, one mini-strength workout a week lasting less than 10 minutes, one complete strength workout a week of 30 minutes and a sprint session every 7 to 10 days. Doesn’t sound too onerous does it? Continue reading