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Does being slim mean you’re healthy?

This is a concept that has interested me for a while. If one is slim, does that mean your are healthy? I think generally people assume that being overweight means you are not healthy, but I have some different thoughts on the matter. It is an important topic to discuss. If you are slim and under the assumption that you are enjoying optimum health, then consider reading the rest of this post. Read the rest of this entry

Get over your fat phobia if you want to lose weight

avosFor decades fat has been my enemy – and I am not just referring to the fat that I carry around under my skin every day. I am also referring to the fat in my diet. Low-fat and fat-free is how I have lived for most of my life. What did I achieve? Absolutely nothing –  nada, neinte, niks!

If anything I have managed to slowly but surely get fatter. How is that possible?  For years I could never understand what the problem was. I was doing everything I was supposed to do. I watched my calories, ate low-fat, had phases of exercising like a demon  – but real results always eluded me. Hunger, frustration and feelings of deprivation and failure were my constant companions.

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