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Fight back against depression with food

Ask someone about the cause of depression and chances are their reply will include the words ‘chemical imbalance’, or ‘serotonin deficiency’. Because of this widely held belief, the taking of antidepressant medications to fix the problem appears to be the most obvious solution. Yes, medication may offer some relief, but it will not cure you and it definitely won’t get to the bottom of why you are depressed in the first place.

New York based psychiatrist Dr Kelly Brogan put down her prescription pad years ago after coming to the realisation that nutrition and lifestyle interventions were a far more powerful treatment for depression than medication. She is the author of “A mind of your own”, in which she shares with her readers the truth about depression and debunks the serotonin theory. Her book details natural protocols for helping women to heal their bodies and reclaim their lives.

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Busting those Paleo myths

Here are some common misconceptions: Paleo is all about meat, meat and more meat. Paleo is a ‘no carb’ diet. Paleo is only affordable for rich people. Paleo will make you constipated. All that saturated animal fat will give you heart disease. Paleo is too restrictive and just a fad diet. These are a few of the criticisms I have come across in my research. They cause confusion and influence people to make uninformed decisions about their health. If you are interested in the truth, then carry on reading. Read the rest of this entry

Things to look forward to when I’m thin

About 4 years ago I journalled about how I was feeling about being over-weight.  I was at my all time heaviest and was not feeling good about myself at all.  My blood work results didn’t look good and I was suffering from aches and pains.  I was 36 years old and I felt 80. This was the start of my journey to better health. Check out the photo below. That’s me in 2010. Read the rest of this entry

Make 2014 the year it happens

Every year for as long as I can remember I vowed that this would be the year I would get slim and lose the weight for good. January is when the nerd in me comes out. I get busy with weight loss plans laid out in Excel with target weights, timeframes, measurements, goals, graphs, ……. you get the picture. Planning is what I am good at. Unfortunately the actual implementation and results always fell dramatically short of my goals.  By March I was frustrated and hungry and if I was lucky only 1 kilo lighter. Read the rest of this entry

Do you find the paleo diet confusing?

confusedSo many people just don’t know what they should and shouldn’t be eating on a Paleo diet.

  • Is the Paleo diet low-carb or low-fat? Is saturated fat permitted?
  • How much protein should someone eat on a Paleo diet?
  • Does the Paleo diet include dairy products – or not? Which kinds of dairy?
  • Are any grains permitted?

These questions and the varied answers one can find on the internet or in books cause confusion for many of us. I have just finished reading a very interesting article by Dr. Chris Kresser titled, “Moving from a paleo diet to a paleo template”.  It really made sense to me. Here are some of his and my own ideas around this concept. Read the rest of this entry