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Tips for achieving your weight loss goals

You feel rather proud of yourself when you stand on the scale and assess the progress you have made.  Wow, 5 kilos lost in a month – fantastic!  Then your colleague brings a delicious chocolate cake to the office.  Ten minutes later, while you wipe the crumbs off your top lip, you think to yourself, “What just happened?”  One cheat leads to another and before you know it you are sliding down the slippery slope back into old habits and your track suit pants with the elasticized waist.  Why is it that our motivation levels ebb and flow like the ocean? What mistakes are we making that lead to poor choices and what can we do to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact on the achievement of our goals? Read the rest of this entry

Staying motivated during the holidays

If you have decided that you would like to stay on track over the holidays, and not throw your year’s worth of hard work away, then good for you.  Or perhaps you have decided to let your hair down this festive season and plan to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Everyone must make that choice for themselves and nobody else. My goal for this post is to hopefully provide a little inspiration. Read the rest of this entry