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Dear Grown-ups …. (a letter from a child)

Dear Grownups,

I know that I am only a child, but I have things I want to say.  My whole future still lies ahead of me. These are my foundation years where I will learn so much from you. The example you set today, will be the way I live my life tomorrow. I want a tomorrow, but more importantly I want a healthy tomorrow. Please teach me and show me how to get that right.

I know you love giving me special treats, and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE getting them, but maybe it would be better to save them just for the weekend? I really don’t need chocolate or ice cream or fizzy drinks every day. I promise you, my world won’t collapse if I don’t eat treats all the time. Perhaps I shouldn’t have fizzy drinks at all. Don’t they make holes in your teeth?

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Getting healthy is very doable

When I chat to people about healthy eating it always surprises me how stubbornly they hold onto outdated dietary myths, such as choosing to eat margarine over butter because butter is going to clog their arteries. I can understand how this happens though. The internet and print media is full of contradictory advice.  When I read that eggs should be avoided due to their high cholesterol content, or that whole grains are essential for fibre, I just want to explode with frustration. This post is for people who want to start improving their health by making more informed choices.  I will outline some easy steps to take that can have dramatic benefits for your health, and will bust some myths at the same time. Read the rest of this entry

Be sugar smart

This week I had the fantastic opportunity to talk to my daughter’s 9 year old classmates, about how they can be “sugar smart”.  Her class had been learning about nutrition and how the choices they make impact their health. The teacher left it totally up to me to decide what to talk to them about.  I literally jumped at the chance to inform them how to be “sugar smart”. This post will teach you that important life skill too. Read the rest of this entry

Stuff you need to know about sugar

YogurtStrawberry yoghurt, bran muffins, granola bars, tomato sauce and fat-free salad dressing. These are just a few examples of foods that many people consume in the name of a following a “healthy diet”. Would you believe it if I told you that all the foods listed above contain more sugar than a Twinkie, according to Dr. Mercola.

The sad reality is that sugar is hidden in almost all processed foods,and most often it is the worst kind – high fructose corn syrup. In America, food and beverage manufacturers began switching their sweeteners from sucrose to corn syrup in the 1970s when they discovered that HFCS was not only far cheaper to make, it’s about 20 percent sweeter than conventional table sugar.

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