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Need help losing weight?

Last week saw a dream come true for me. My goal and passion has always been to share with others what I know about the Banting way of eating (low-carb, moderate protein and high fat). I truly believe that it is the best way to good health and vitality. Last week I was honoured to be training side by side with one of South Africa’s top nutritionists, Sally-Ann Creed (who is also co-author of the Real Meal Revolution). Yes, that red book!
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The Real Meal Revolution cookbook is a ‘must have’

The Real Meal Revolution cookbook is finally here …… and it was worth the wait. A team effort between Prof. Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier has produced the most stunning book of mouth-watering recipes, beautiful food photography and eye-opening  information on the low carb/high fat lifestyle. The book’s tagline? “Changing the  world. One meal at a time. ” Read the rest of this entry