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Why a “total cholesterol” score is meaningless

My hubby Greg has just come back from the pathology lab, holding his test results in hand, and with a big smile on his face. If anyone took a closer look at that piece of paper, they would be very worried about his present state of mind. Why? His total cholesterol score was 8 – shock, horror! Are we worried? Absolutely not, and this post will explain why.  For too long we have been taught that cholesterol is bad. That it will clog our arteries, and put us at risk of a heart attack.  Prescriptions for statins are being written, left, right and centre. The pharmaceutical companies are happy. The poor patients – not so much. There can be some very serious side effects to taking statins.  It is important that people understand that high cholesterol does not necessarily mean that you are at risk, and in need of a drug to lower it.

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