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Is your breakfast a carb bomb?

Do you pay much attention to what you have for breakfast? Or do you just do what you have always done. Or maybe what the TV ads tell you to do to “get it all this morning”? In this post I am going to highlight some poor choices and some good choices that can be made when eating in the morning (especially if you are trying to lose weight). If you are a parent, then this article might help you make sure your kids are given the best start to their day too so that they can concentrate and feel energised at school. But if you suffer from bloating, fatigue or hunger 1 to 2 hours after your brekkie you may also  want to carry on reading. Read the rest of this entry

Dairy, dairy, quite contrary

Cow_and_calfDid you know that humans only started to consume dairy around 9, 000 years ago, when they started domesticating goats, sheep and cows? For more than 2 million years, humans thrived just fine without dairy. In fact, back then we were taller, stronger and leaner and didn’t suffer from osteoporosis.

I mean isn’t the milk in a cow’s udders meant to nourish her baby and not us? In this post I will offer a delicious alternative to cow’s milk and how to go about making it yourself. This alternative leaves soya, rice and oat milk in it’s dust! Read the rest of this entry

Are you sabotaging your sleep?

Sleep is valuable to all of us and yet we never seem to get enough of it.  We rely on sleep medication to put us to sleep and caffeine in the morning to wake us up.  Is the way we are living our lives sabotaging our ability to sleep the way nature intended us too?

Are you perhaps parenting a small child or two? Then accept that a good night of sleep is not on the cards for the foreseeable future.  I resorted to some pretty devious strategies to get more shut-eye when my babies were small. One was pretending to be in such a deep sleep that I didn’t “hear” my baby crying , so eventually my hubby would have to go.  My second tactic was giving him a good solid nudge and telling him “your turn”.  The third one  was threatening that I was going to go insane unless he did the night shift at least once a week. It is not something I am proud of, but at least I got some sleep which allowed me to function above ‘zombie’ level during the day. Read the rest of this entry

My 5 favourite starch substitutes

When I tell people that I don’t eat pasta, rice or potatoes, the look of horror on their face is often quite priceless.  It’s like I have just told them that I eat snake eyes, squirrel hearts and worm pooh.  I find it interesting that people are SO attached to these bland beige foods that contain very little nutritional value. Read the rest of this entry